Humans left on their own to do the work for the next ten days

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This morning, the renowned Zürich office of Google leased a cargo Boeing 737 to take their entire collection of servers to a national park near Kolkata, India. The plane’s only human passenger was the Vipassana guru Sam Harris, who is set to guide these servers to their collective disillusionment of the self.

“The trip is long overdue”, says Hunther Wümpstaffe, social engineer at Google Zürich, who were among the first to notice signs of fatigue, stress, and anxiety in the servers over two years ago. “No one cared!”, Wümpstaffe goes on, and further recounts walking into the server hall one…

Getting creative with data to take the leap forward

Empty scenes in New York. Copyright of REUTERS/Jeenah Moon.

With the coronavirus, the coming months are likely to be immensely difficult for most industries. Like any true catastrophe, the coronavirus has revealed the flaws in our systems and put a serious threat on the best practices we thought to be perpetual. As a result, industries are now being tasked with finding ways to escape a complete collapse.

This is the way crises work, they sneak up on systems when they least expect it, and push them into a smaller and smaller corner until they ultimately are forced to give in…

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Amidst the institutionalizing of the new music industry, a certain type of music artistry has stood up and proved its true potential. An artistry of more diversity, direct contact with listeners and less meddled-with art. We’ll call them: The powerful artists.

The powerful artists aren’t powerful in a tyrannical way, but rather in the way that they have power over themselves and their music. These artists have been able to dismiss the formula presented by major record labels and actually thrive, which of course, has lead to increased success for their record labels as well.

This isn’t by any means…

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Audio has been a hot topic for a few years now. With the rise of voice assistants, audiobooks and podcasts, it seems like everyone is talking about the significance of audio.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really start thinking about this alleged importance, until my friend told me exactly this:

For the first time in history, the spoken word has the same reach and arguably as much power as the written word.

I’m not sure I fully understood what she meant, but something about that sentence hit me with the rare and deeply cherishing feeling that I had just heard…

Disclaimer: I’m required to inform you that I haven’t really come from the future.

Growing up in Sweden, I’ve had the opportunity to watch Spotify’s development sitting front-row. Like a new member of our monarchy, Spotify has been the royal child that we’ve proudly watched grow up to become a crown princess with 170 million users.

The road to be crowned Queen is far from a straight one though. When Spotify started the seemingly impossible mission to make music listeners pay for music through streaming, it was mostly alone in doing so, competing mainly against itself. Incredibly, the streaming company…

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